Licensing Reciprocity

January 17, 2018 | By Charles Botensten

Q: I am a licensed New York real estate broker and I would like to act as a real estate broker in other states.  What states have reciprocity with New York?

A: There are several states that share reciprocity with New York.  This essentially means that if you are a licensed New York real estate broker, you will be able to obtain a real estate broker license in one of the “reciprocal” states, without having to meet the state’s education, testing or experience requirements.  However, each state with reciprocity requires, at a minimum, that: (i)  your new permanent residence must be located in the reciprocal state, (ii) your business must be located in the reciprocal state, (iii) you must have a valid real estate license in New York State, (iii) you must submit an application and irrevocable consent form to the reciprocal state, (iv) you must pay a licensing fee to the reciprocal state, and (v) if you are a real estate salesperson, you must be sponsored by your real estate broker who must also hold a current New York State real estate broker’s license.

The states that have reciprocity with New York are Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  However, each state has different guidelines depending on the type of real broker license you are seeking to obtain (Broker, Associate Broker, Salesperson, etc.).   Whether the state you are applying for a license in has reciprocity with New York or not, you should visit the state’s website in order to review the real estate broker license application procedures and requirements.

The Legal Line Question by:
Neil B. Garfinkel
REBNY Broker Counsel

Partner-in-charge of real estate and banking practices at Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP